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The University of Queensland (UQ) is a comprehensive public university in Australia. Established on December 10, 1909, it is the largest and oldest university in Queensland.The university is one of eight leading Universities in Australia and one of three Australian Universities to be represented in Universities 21.School has three campuses, seven colleges and five research institute, college of liberal arts, business, economics and law (BEL), engineering, construction, and information technology (EAIT), school of health sciences and natural resources, agriculture and veterinary college (NRAVS), faculty of science, the social and behavioral sciences (SBS), five research institute are molecular biology science research institute (IMB), the Australian institute of bioengineering and nanotechnology (AIBN), the sustainable development of mining industry research institute (SMI), Queensland brain science institute (QBI),Institute of Cancer, Immunology and Metabolic Medicine, Kunda Institute of Social Science (ISSR).
At the university of Queensland to provide comprehensive and high quality professional and curriculum, including bachelor, master and doctor, such as agriculture, applied science, animal science, botany, horticulture, biotechnology, business, management, marketing, accounting, communication, drama, film and television studies, music, literature, history, dental, economics, education, engineering, environmental science, food science, health science, information technology, journalism, law, oceanography, anthropology, nursing, veterinary medicine, and so on.
The school’s dominant subjects are biology, computer science, food science, business and so on.
In the 2007 Good Universities Guide, the University of Queensland ranked first in the state/country in terms of academic standards and student demand for the tenth year in a row.The guide gives the University a top five star rating on six key achievement indicators.
The University of Queensland is ranked fourth among Australian universities.The University was ranked 10th outside Europe and North America and 43rd globally in the 2008 Times Higher Education Supplement’s World University Rankings.

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