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Why are you so lovable, St Andrews University?

In 2018, The Times Ranked 143rd in the world, and in 2019, QS ranked 97th in the World, making it one of the top 1% of prestigious research-based institutions of higher learning in the world.The University of St Andrews occupies most of the town’s ancient and modern buildings and is known worldwide as a centre for teaching and research.The University of St Andrews has been named university of the Year in the UK or Scotland several times by The Times and the Guardian.The school has produced six Nobel Prize winners.Won a gold medal in the government-supported Undergraduate teaching Quality (TEF) evaluation.St Andrews has a long history and many famous alumni, such as The signer of the Declaration of Independence James Wilson, The French politician Marat, the father of immunology Edward Jenner, the Duke of Cambridge (Prince William) and his wife Kate.Fifteen per cent of its students are from North America, the highest proportion in the UK, and more than 30 per cent of international students from more than 100 countries.The University of St Andrews has a 24-hour information centre, free E-mail and a modern library.With a well-equipped music centre and top of the line sports equipment, The university of St Andrews has the hardware to meet the needs of its students.The University of St Andrews has 14 student hostels, which provide students with safe and well-equipped self-catering or meal accommodation.All rooms have dial-up access to the Internet. With a laptop, students can surf the Internet and send and receive E-mail in their dormitory.The town of St Andrews, home to the University of St Andrews, is one of Scotland’s most picturesque coastal towns and the birthplace of golf, complete with recreational facilities, sports facilities, restaurants and shops.



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